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AvuTox Laboratories is a full service clinical laboratory that offers urine drug testing and monitoring services that provide physicians with invaluable data relevant to patients on pain medication. With state of the art analytical technology, innovative reporting systems and clinical consultation from board certified specialists. AvuTox can increase the level of patient care while growing your practice revenues.

We specialize in the implementation and optimization of point of care solutions, including physician office laboratories. Let our experienced team help grow your practice.

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Our commitment

AvuTox is committed to providing each specimen an exceptional level of care and attention. Our dedicated staff works together to provide high-quality, comprehensive, accurate data in 24-48 hours.

Our compassionate and understanding professionals take pride in paying close attention to the needs of each patient and specimen. Healthcare Professionals deserve a reliable and trustworthy partner. AvuTox is ready to be your partner and assist you in accomplishing your urine drug testing goals.

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Thank you for visiting AvuTox. We look forward to serving your urine drug testing needs.